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  • Promotion of 12 1/4 inch IADC 517/537 AND 8 1/2 inch IADC 517/537 Tricone bits.

    Hejian Yinahai Rock Bits Manufacture launch promotion of 12 1/4 inch IADC 517/537 AND 8 1/2 inch IADC 517/537 Tricone bits for giving back to our clients.The best discount in this year of 2023. Welcome for inquiry. TRICONE BITS YHA81/2-537G Size(INCH/Metric Meter): 81/2INCH=215.9mm IADC  CO...
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  • Roller Cone Bit Tricone bits Bearing Lubrication System

    Roller Cone Bit Tricone bits Bearing Lubrication System

    Various types of Rock bits and Roller Cone Drill Bits lubrication system used for bearings protection. Early system including use the drilling fluid as the lubricants, while more recent system use greases for lubrication. Drilling fluids containing abrasive solids to be a limited factor relative ...
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    The cutting tool for core barrel can be either Bullet Teeth or Roller bit depending on the strength of the hard rock. It uses the same drilling principle of the core barrel. Before the stone core is lifted(took out), the method of the drill is the same. When the drilling is finished, the stone co...
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  • Drill bits Tricone bits design (2)

    Drill bits Tricone bits design (2)

    Tricone Drill Bit Leg The Drill Bits legs, when are welded together, provided the structural support for the bit. The central dimple is buildup of metal to provide additional supports. Destruction of the bit body occurs when the legs or the welding fails. Bit destruction weight is generally ass...
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  • Design Features: Tricone Drill Bit Body.

    The tricone drilling bit body consists of: 1.the thread connection,or shanks, which attaches the tricone bits to the string. 2.the bearing pin on which the cones are mounted. 3.the lubricant reservoir, which contains the lubrication system supply for the bearing, watercourse through which the dri...
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  • Hejian Yinhai Rock bits Manufacture Co., LTD Spring 2022 Campus Recruitment Guidelines

    1. Company profile Hejian Yinhai Rock bits Manufacture Co., LTD., founded in 2010, is located in Hejian Junzi Guan Industrial Development Zone, Cangzhou city, Hebei Province. The company mainly produces oil and water well equipment, trenchless engineering equipment, pile...
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  • Characteristics, working principle and application range of three – edge drill pipe

    Three-edge arc convex type gas drainage drill pipe, referred to as three-edge drill pipe. The middle rod body of three-edge drill pipe is three-edge arc type, and the two ends can be welded by friction welding to form an arc type with triangular appearance, or processed into a whole three-edge ty...
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  • Coal bit classification and its use is what

    Coal drill is now commonly used in the drilling industry three commodities, strength is divided into two categories, TYPE I for soft rock drilling, type II for hard rock and hard solid rock drilling. With faster drilling speed, wide milling coverage, time saving, effort saving, simple interface, ...
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  • Top 10 Coal mines in the world, do you know?

    As early as the Neolithic age, human beings have records of using coal, which is one of the important energy sources for the development of human society. Top 10 Coal mines in the World Due to its economic price, abundant reserves and important value, countries all over the world attach great imp...
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  • Diamond drill bit detailed classification introduction

    Diamond PDC anchor bit Also known as rock drills, anchor drills, two wings diamond compact bit, drilling in coal mine area is mainly used for roof support, anchor rod and anchor rope support before drilling, in the field of geological exploration, can be used in hard formation and hard rock drill...
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  • What should be noted when using diamond drill bit?

    First, diamond drill before drilling preparation 1. Check whether there is damage to the last diamond bit body, tooth loss, etc., to ensure that the bottom of the well is clean and no falling objects. 2. Handle the diamond bit carefully and place the diamond bit on the rubber pad or wood. Do not ...
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  • The Application of Various Deep Mixing Methods for Excavation Support Systems

    In a variety of circumstances, the use of deep mixing methods for the construction of excavation support systems and the ground support products is often the method of choice based on design requirements, site conditions/restraints and economics. These circumstances include the presence of adjace...
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